Our Technologies

Sheet Extrusion Line

Our company has one sheet extrusion line that can process PET, PP and PLA up to 1.5mm thick and 1420mm wide. Next generation technology enables the production of films and sheets with the best quality, fully automatic and reproducible thanks to high-precision mechatronic gap adjustment, cooling and polishing. Additional in-line processes like corona treatment, thermo lamination, silicon bath and coil cutting allow high flexibility, custom solutions and the best control over the production process.

PVC Calendering Lines

The calendering department consists of two independent four-cylinder calender lines, with rolls of 1700mm and 2200 mm, optimized respectively for thin and thick PVC and PVC-PE rigid films, with a range between 100 and 950µm. Automatic feeding systems and hydraulic gap-controls are installed in order to reach the best thickness distribution and high transparency. In-line camera inspection, metal detector, X & β-ray gauge detector ensure quality and hygiene control. Thermo-lamination and slitting in-line process is also available, eliminating the possibility of contamination by allowing the production of finished products in one single step.

Vacuum Metallizer

Integrated in the plant, this equipment is used to coat a layer of aluminium onto a film without any solvents or glues. The operating principle combines high vacuum (4E-6 Pa) and sublimation processes in order to obtain a good adhesion on the substrate. In-line optical density measuring devices detect and correct the aluminium distribution. The maximum machinable width is 1500mm.

Slitting Machines

The slitting department consists of five slitters and one doctor machine with the possibility of producing several types of reels: width range 100–1500mm, thickness range 100-900µm, diameter range 200-1000mm. These latest generation lines, in compliance with industry 4.0 standards, control and adjust automatically every reel’s parameter by ensuring high precision, perfect winding and flat edges.

At the service of the slitting department an automatic handling, packaging and palletizing system has been installed.  This automation minimizes the possibilities of human error by numerous in-line controls and avoids the possibilities of contamination with a sealed food-contact compliant packaging. Tailor made packaging solutions are possible.